Chandni Ki Kahani (2008) *HQ*

Chandni Ki Kahani is a 2008 bollywood movie that casts Jagapati Babu, Arjun and Bhumika Chawla in the pivot roles along with Anushka, Sarath Babu and Dharmavarapu in the supporting roles.It’s a romantic drama movie.The story revolves around Krishna Kumar (Sivaji) a sand sculptor who meets Satyabhama (Bhoomika) in tourist carnival in Goa and loses his heart.

Cast: Jagapati Babu, Arjun and Bhumika Chawla

When Krishna tries to meet the same girl the next day, she feigns ignorance.Krishna learns from the manager of the restaurant (Allari Suhasini) that Satyabhama was a brilliant girl till she met with an accident where she suffered amnesia.She used to forget everything once she goes to sleep.Despite knowing all this, Krishna continues to impress her everyday and decides to marry her.Under typical circumstances Satyabhama’s parents explain what happened on the accident day.

Krishna prepares a CD and explains what all happened later and about the present day and also about their love.After watching the CD repeatedly everyday, she recollects the past and present.In order to keep her updated, she starts writing diary and that helped her a lot. When Krishna’s parents were about to accept the alliance, they come to know about her illness and disagree with Krishna.

Learning that Krishna had kept his future plans in abeyance for her sake, she decides to sacrifice her love for him.But, Krishna comes to know that Satyabhama is none other than one of his childhood friends.This helps to strengthen the love bond between Satyabhama and Krishna and the film ends on a happy note with their marriage.

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