Woodstock Villa (2008)

Sanjay Gupta has a niche for thrillers and Woodstock Villa is no different.Directed by Hansal Mehta, Woodstock Villa is stocked with thrilling moments, shock value and slight percentage of despair as well.Like Sanjay Gupta’s earlier films, Woodstock Villa too has been made on the lines of Hollywood cinema.The cinematography is distinctive as sepia look takes over the regular frames of Eastman color.

Cast: Sikander Kher, Neha Oberoi, Saif Ali Khan, Arbaaz Khan

In the tradition of film noir that is guaranteed to shock, thrill and surprise. A compelling film from director Hansal Mehta about swiftly changing moralities in today’s world. After a successful businessman’s stunning wife disappears, hostile and taunting ransom demands follow. As the true nature of stakes for the captor and his captives unfold, Woodstock Villa lithely transforms from a precision neo noir into a chilling and shocking thriller, and ultimately into a vivid, invigorating, icy masterpiece of murder, mystery and suspense.

Neither pleading eyes nor bound wrists nor a shallow grave are what they seem, as a moment of relief is suddenly transformed into a web of deceit, and a moment of truth is followed by a sudden web of lies. Unsettling, thrilling, hallucinatory, suspenseful and erotic, Woodstock Villa is contemporary entertainment that breaks new ground with every twist.

Actor Anupam Kher’s son Sikander Kher makes an impressive debut with Woodstock Villa along with beautification glorified Neha Uberoi.The performances are praiseworthy but not the film in entirety.

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