Dil Pardesi Ho Gayaa (2003)

There’s been a plethora of Pak-bashing films in the recent past.And now, when relations between the two nations are slowly limping back to normalcy, you don’t expect anti-Pak films to aggravate the situation.Saawan Kumar’s DIL PARDESI HO GAYAA also looks at the sensitive Indo-Pak relations and the conflict amidst a budding romance.Although the film isn’t as gripping as Saawan’s earlier Muslim social SANAM BEWAFA, DIL PARDESI HO GAYAA does have its poignant moments.DIL PARDESI HO GAYAA is a love story between an Indian boy and a Pakistani girl.

Cast: Kapil Jhaveri, Saloni Aswani, Amrish Puri

Major Ram is one of the few soldiers from the Indian Army who have been held captive in Pakistan, following the war with India.The Indian army and politicians are unable to make any decision so as not to jeopardize the lives of the captives.Major Ram’s brother, Arjun, alias Sunny decides to take it upon himself to enter Pakistan and get his brother free.He now calls himself Salman.

On the way he meets with beautiful Ruksar and both fall in love with each other. Unfortunately for them, they cannot be married, so they elope, leading to an unrest within their community, and a hunt is on for them. Salman and Ruksar chance upon the prison camp that is housing Ram, and do get him free, only to find themselves trapped by Pakistani Jihaadis and soldiers.

This movie gives the important message that nothing is achieved by violence.India and Pakistan will only be able to be friends by, well, being friendly to each other.In the name of religion, terrorists invade India and spread bloodshed in Kashmir, both POK and Indian, killing innocent civilians, leaving no room for love.The ending is very poetic and conveys this message beautifully.On the whole, DIL PARDESI HO GAYAA is a fairly engrossing fare. At the box-office, given the tax-free status in some states, the film should reap benefit in those territories.

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Chapters: 2

part 1
part 2

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part 1
part 2

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