The President Is Coming (2009) *HQ*

The movie review of the film, ‘The President Is Coming’ is dashed off for you. The film is a comedy, which is directed by the debutante Kunal Roy Kapoor, carries the star cast ranging from Konkona Sen Sharma, Shernaz Patel, Ira Dubey, Vivek Gomber, Satchit Puranik, Namit Das, Anand Tiwari to Shivani Tanksale. The movie was well in news since it is based on the visit of the President George Bush to India in 2006.

Cast: Namit Das, Konkona Sen Sharma, Vivek Gomber

Bollywood has been experiencing innovative subjects for quite a few years on the celluloid. Some succeed and the rest fail but due to flaws otherwise you cannot blame to the subjects.Because to present a good subject on the silver screen, you need to have mastery skills, which most of our filmmakers lack in…!Sometimes, they (directors) do not get support from the writers and this way, a good subject goes waste since a worthy script cannot be written on…!All this happens and besides this, luck too has a role to play, which sometime makes a bad film rise high in the sky and a good film to downwards!

‘President Is Coming’ is laced with an intelligent script since it depicts many social issues confidently in a humorous manner.The flick has a bunch of youngsters keen on shaking hands with U.S. President George Bush when he arrives India in the year 2006.The story follows the frenzy of the US consulate that has been allocated the task of finding one Indian who represents the youth of the country and would be the chosen one to shake hands with the President.

The movie also pours light on the social issues like male chauvinism, gay relations, homosexuality and brain drain.But the writer refused to make it a serious enterprise that fights for social awareness instead a light approach on these subjects has been taken into account.First half of the film is very interesting and looks bright. But the second half appears dull since it does not carry weight.

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