Kyon Ki… (2005)

The theme of director Priyadarshan’s movie Kyon Ki doesn’t gel with the festive mood of the week in which it has released. A Hindi adaptation of Priyadarshan’s Malayalam movie Thalavattam, Kyon Ki has Salman Khan playing a mentally unstable man undergoing treatment in an asylum. Kareena Kapoor and Jackie Shroff play doctors. Rimi Sen plays Salman’s former love interest.

Cast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Rimi Sen

Anand (Salman Khan) lost his mental balance after the tragic death of his girlfriend. He is admitted into a mental hospital where patients are treated with aggression and force. The hospital’s owner, Dr. Khurana (Om Puri) believes that mentally unstable patients should be treated likewise. Khurana’s daughter, Dr. Tanvi (Kareena Kapoor) ,too, has little sympathy for Anand.Dr. Sunil (Jackie Shroff) is in charge of Anand’s treatment. With time, he begins to develop affinity towards Anand and learns from his diary of the horrible tragedy that led to his insanity.

Anand’s past is revealed in flashbacks.Anand was in love with a beautiful girl named Maya (Rimi Sen), who he was about to marry. Maya always loved to play pranks on him. One such prank went absurdly wrong when Anand throws her in a pool of water, not knowing that she could not swim. Maya dies. Anand feels himself guilty of killing her and loses his mental balanceWhen Dr. Tanvi learns of Anand’s past, she is shaken deep inside and decides to nurse him back to normalcy. Eventually, Anand is cured, but Dr. Tanvi loses her heart to him by then. Anand reciprocates her feelings. But there is a problem. Tanvi is engaged to a man (Sunil Shetty) whom her father approves of.

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