Runway (2009) *HQ*

Occasionally, there comes a movie, which defies the logic of filmmaking. RUNWAY is one such film.Everything about the movie is below par, but for the peppy beats, which takes away the boredom as you are assaulted with one senseless scene after another.It’s as though a few, bored moneybags got together and said, ”Let’s do a film.” Forget script, forget technical expertise, and forget acting, too! I reproduce below the official synopsis given during the press screening.

Cast: Amarjeet, Tulip Joshi, Deepal Shaw, Lucky Ali

Allan (Amarjeet) lands up in Mauritius on an assignment for Anthony (Sharat Saxena) a mafia don to get his girlfriend, Melvina (Deepal) out of danger.But little does he know that his unwilling act will lead to multiple problems ahead.After he honours his contract of killing a casino owner, Victor (Nagesh Bhosale) he realizes he has been tricked and that he is being hunted by a deadly contract killer, Khalid (Lucky Ali).

As he tries to escape back to India, help comes in the form of Shaina (Tulip) a bar dancer. But despite having got that final chance to head back to India, Allan decides to stay back as he realizes some things are not what they appear to be.What follows next is a cat and mouse game between Allan and Khalid.

The problem is, RUNWAY is handicapped by poor direction [Suniel – Praful]. Besides, the screenplay is too weak since the story wastes valuable time in ineffective emotions and scenes, whereas the encashable portions have been cut short. Especially the climax, which has been altered so severely that it gives an incomplete feeling. The beautiful locales of Mauritius too haven’t been explored completely.

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