Dekh Bhai Dekh (2009) *HQ*

Here’s another black and brooding comedy, after the crackling Sankat City.But there’s a difference. Dekh Re Dekh begins on an interesting premise and even catapults strange new characters before a formula-fed audience. Yet, it fails to sustain the dark humour and peters off before the climax.

Cast: Siddharth Koirala, Gracy Singh, Vijay Raaz

In a small town in UP, we meet four people with varied goals and problems. What binds them together is a crime which will dissolve their troubles.Babli (Gracy Singh) is a sweet yet creative and blunt girl. She is newly divorced and needs money to get back on her feet. And to get the money, she desperately needs some manpower. She convinces Shyam (Siddharth Koirala) to join her in the creepy plan. Shyam is a simple boy with a need for money to bribe a minister in order to get a job. Yadavji (Raghuveer Yadav), the politician aspiring to become an MLA, needs money in order to get a ticket to contest the elections.

All three of them set out to commit the crime but nervousness holds them back since they are novices. To involve a hand who is very proficient in such crimes, they engage Charan (Vijay Raaz), who pretends to be a professional thief. And so begins their enticing, roller-coaster journey with various interesting and entertaining situations.Will they succeed in their ambitions? Will they end up kings or paupers? How will the story unfold….Dekh Bhai Dekh!!!

Except for the attempts which Gracy Singh makes to shed her simple image, the movie is not that great. Even though the director has put forward the movie as a comedy, you will not feel that the movie has enough substance to keep the viewers glued to the seat.

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