Chal Chalein (2009) *MQ*

Chal Chalein is a film with a pertinent message about the many ills prevalent in our educational system, but it is sadly placed in the hands of a very amateurish director.The film starts with a Doordarshan style old animation sequence, and then quickly descends into an overblown television drama, written like a bad textbook.

Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Rati Agnihotri, Kanwaljeet

Set in Allahabad, Chal Chalein narrates the story of a bunch of friends studying in class XI, who are part of the Dashing Lads gang.Yaa, right. Beyond singing songs and hanging in the canteen, the Dashing Lads have one thing in common.They all have vile parents who beat them up and force them to constantly study, taking subjects the kids don’t want.

Thus a fat boy wanting to be a painter is forced to study science. Boo hoo. Another meek bespectacled boy, Navneet, wants to be a writer, but his papa, Kanwaljeet, wants him to be an engineer.So he is traumatised.Another boy has a kid sister in class VII, who comes fourth in her exam.She missed by 15 marks, so her shrewish mother makes her do 150 sit ups as punishment, calculated at 10 sit ups for every mark.Damn, who thinks up these stories?

One fine day after yet another poor exam result, Navneet jumps off the school building roof and kills himself.This gets the remaining Dashing Lads gang, now also joined by a smart girl, dashing to meet Mithun Chakraborty, the one slightly bearable part of the film.Mithunda, who can solve any problem in all films, is an activist lawyer who also dances a mean step, as shown in a badly choreographed song, one of many that dot the film.The Dashing Lads tell him that Navneet actually killed himself because he was scared of his father, so why can’t the father be prosecuted?

After all, a husband is charged if a wife commits suicide. Mithunda quite likes this childish logic, and so files a case against Navneet’s father.Soon other school kids, copycat fellows, start filing cases against their parents, till it becomes a movement across the country.Ya right.Eventually, the perturbed Prime Minister intervenes and appoints Justice Bharat Kumar [Mukesh Khanna] to judge the case. Then lots of stilted dialoguebaazi happens in the courtroom, before everyone learns their lesson.

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