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Rumour has it that a number of studios are pitching for the desi adaptation of 2009’s cult comedy–The Hangover.I sincerely hope it never happens.The reason is simple.Since we Indians are still a bit too guarded about sex-talk-the delightfully, naughty American one-liners will be replaced with crude, lowbrow, crass humour.And that’s exactly the problem with the Hindi remake of Death At A Funeral.

Cast: Sunil Shetty, Tulip Joshi, Chunky Pandey

Titled Daddy Cool, the movie is a frame-by-frame rehash of the critically acclaimed British comedy.Now the original wasn’t an exceptionally funny film.And doesn’t merit a must watch rating.But it managed to keep you grinning through its short running time.

Steven Lazarus (Sunil Shetty) loses his father Douglas (Sharat Saxena) and a funeral is arranged at his sprawling villa in Goa. While Steven had planned a decent funeral, all hell breaks lose with quirky guests trickling in one by one. Be it his self centered novelist brother Brian (Ashish), his cousin sister Maria (Tulip) with her boyfriend Michael (Aftab) who gets mistakenly doped because of her brother Harry’s (Chunkey) pills, henpecked hubby Carlos (Jaffrey) with his forever suspicious wife Jenny (Kim), a fouled mouthed uncle Murphy (Prem Chopra) and a wannabe model Ayesha (Sophie) who arrives at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Adding to Steven’s woes is his wife Nancy (Aarti) who has invited an estate agent Pinto (Vijay Patkar) so that he immediately books a new flat for them. A suspicious visitor, Andrew (Rajpal) intrigues Steven. He is further left shell shocked on Andrew’s revelation that he was his dead father’s gay lover. Andrew demands big money to keep this a secret. What mix ups and chaos follows it and how it all leads to a bigger mess forms the rest of the plot.

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