Jaago (2004)

There is not much dowdt that Raveena Tandon and Sanjeev Kapoor are few of the finer actors of the Indian Cinema.The emotion they display of the agony of a couple in their situation is laudable.The drama is well chronicled and narrated.In retrospect this tragedy could have been prevented.This is a classic story of silence and apathy that is prevalent in a Metropolis like Mubai-almost as if there is a price to pay for living there.All in all this is a watchable Pic.Some of the scenes make you cring, which is aftermath of knowing that this was a real story.There is enormous talent that is yet to be tapped especially in Directors and Screen-Writing.

Cast: Sanjay Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Manoj Bajpai

Shrikant and Shweta Varma have a 10-year-old daughter Shruti. Shruti is a cheerful schoolgirl. One fateful day she is rehearsing for playing angel.Accidentally she locks herself in her school, making her mother worried.Lucky for her, the watchman opens the door and takes her to the railway station.Shruti tries to call her mother.

Shruti is sitting in a train compartment when three young men who are drug addicts start looking at her.Soon they lust her.She starts screaming and calls her parents’ names.The men brutally gang rape her in front of some passengers. Shruti faints as the third man rapes her.The men leave the train.One of passengers has made an anonymous call to the police.When the police arrive the station they found Shruti still unconscious.Shweta gets shocked as she gets to know about her daughter’s rape as the News break.Krupa Shankar Thakur is a hot-shot and honest police officer who investigate Shruti’s rape but too late.

Because of some chemicals the men used during the rape Shruti had stopped breathing, and she finally dies.The parents get shocked.Finally Krupa Shankar Thakur discovers that the rapists are children of wealthy families and found the witnesses two of witnesses are resufed seek help from police beacuse her daugter getting married, with help of Krupra. Shweta distuged as lady to lure her daughter’s rapists. but Krupra missed the train.

The Men tried raped Shweta she killed one of men and aressted by police the rapist’s mother never forgive Shweta later he buried same as Shurti one day corrput lawyer give drugs on two men in the court but Srikant kill one of men A Underworld don is working as Jailor.Krupra warned the father of rapist to aresst warrent and bring the witnesses in court finally the man is executed for rape of Shurti Varama in the end we see the Judge talking about child rape

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Chapters: 7

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