Shadow (2009) *MQ*

First things first! Before we dissect the film, discuss its merits and demerits, discuss whether it worked or not and offer reasons, let’s salute the grit, determination, willpower and courage of Nasser Khan, who enacts the role of the protagonist in SHADOW.Imagine a blind person carrying off those hazardous, death-defying stunts…Just that effort deserves an applause.Now let’s come to the point.

Cast: Naseer Khan, Milind Soman, Sonali Kulkarni

SHADOW is more of a showreel to project the acting abilities of Nasser Khan, so, expectedly, the writing takes a backseat.The screenplay is very ’70s and ’80s, reminiscent of the masala films we enjoyed so much then.It’s just that times have changed and so have the tastes of a big chunk of moviegoers.

The film talks about a serial murder case, which the police have not been able to track. Arjun Sherawat (Naseer Khan) is unseen and the criminal. There is no one who knows his identity. This case has now been given to Sanjana (Sonali Kulkarni), who is a police officer. She too tries harder but all her efforts go astray.

Sheetal (Hrishitaa Bhatt) is a press reporter. She loves her profession dearly. She is attached to a news channel and from this source, she comes to know about this case. Rahul (Milind Soman), he is a press reporter too, but works in some other news channel. He has also been following this case like Sheetal. He constantly keeps asking Sanjana about the case. At short intervals, murders continue to happen. Amidst all, Sheetal passes a crucial information to police about the next target of Arjun Sherawat.

But before he does so, he meets with an accident and is presumed dead. Listening it, everyone becomes happy until all hear Arjun’s latest audio clip that tells he will kidnap a famous builder Habeeb Faizal (Mushtaq Khan) in front of the police on a given date. On hearing it, everyone is stunned. And on the given date, he succeeds in kidnapping Habeeb. What follows next forms the rest of the story.

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