Short Kut – The Con is On (2009) *HQ*

Till quite some time back, remaking a successful film was considered a safe bet.In fact, the most reliable, foolproof way at hitting paydirt.But let’s not forget, not all stories have the potential to strike gold.SHORT KUT, a remake of the Malayalam film UDAYANANU THANAM, written by Anees Bazmee and directed by Neeraj Vora, arrives a bit too late.Actually, it should’ve hit the screens a couple of years ago.That’s because it abounds and relies completely on clichés and which, in turn, makes you break into a big yawn.

Cast: Arshad Warsi, Akshaye Khanna, Amrita Rao

‘Shortkut – The Con Is On’, is about the trials and tribulations of Raju ( Arshad Warsi) and Shekar (Akshaye Khanna) who dream to make it big in Bollywood.Shekar with immense focus manages to write an interesting script but to his misfortune his script gets stolen.Raju, an aspiring non-actor who stole the script, to his luck shoots to instant fame as an actor.Things take an interesting turn when reigning actress Mansi’s (Amrita Rao) decides to marry Shekar.Just when Shekar decides to direct his first film, he comes face-to-face with then superstar Raju and decides to cast him as his hero.What follows is the clash of egos as the reel unfolds into wacky situations…

What do you expect when two exceptionally talented actors, come together in a comedy; Brilliant performances, great chemistry and nothing short of perfect comic timing..?And this, is only possible if, the characters in the script demand histrionics worthy of their talent.Tragically, writer Anees Bazme neither provides the opportunity for the stars to shine, nor do the characters work on screen. What’s even more disappointing is Neeraj Vohra’s direction, with every reel that unfolds, this cinematic experience begins to worsen.

To cut a long story short, this commotion doesn’t account to comedy. Cut every possible path, short or long, leading to this film.

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