42 Kms (2009) *HQ*

Sports seem to be the flavor of the season. After ‘Meerabai Not Out’, we will get to see another movie revolving around sports, though not cricket this time, – ‘42 Kms’.It has the Mumbai International Marathon as the backdrop.Directed by Nisha Chainani and produced by Eastern Union Entertainment, the star cast of the movie includes Mandira Bedi, Sammir Dattani, Purab Kohli, Bikram Saluja, Prashant Chainani, Nausheen Sardar Ali, Nauheed Cyrusi, Gautam Kapoor, Rajesh Khera, Anupam Shyam, Mahima Mehta, Vivek Vasvani and Saurabh Dubey.

Cast: Mandira Bedi, Sammir Dattani, Purab Kohli, Bikram Saluja

The story of ‘42 Kms’ revolves around five ordinary individuals, unique in their own right.Sanjana (Mandira Bedi) is a housewife, with two charming children and a loving husband.Her world is limited to her family and everything is going on smoothly for her, till she comes on a crossroad.

Now, she realizes that she has lost her own identity and decides to participate in the 42 km- marathon, to find it again.Ravi Anand (Bikram Saluja) is a businessman, who thinks about nothing more than deals, profits and collaborations.A hard-core workaholic, he has only one aim in mind – of being one of the country’s premier businessmen.During a meeting with his investors, for his dream project, Ravi ends up committing himself for the marathon, to prove that they are in good hands.Raju (Purab Kohli), a youngman from a small village, thinks about nobody else, but his girlfriend Sumitra.Though he is the son of a wealthy farmer, Sumitra’s father rejects him for being a good-for-nothing, irresponsible person.

Now, he has to prove himself and is motivated, by his cousin, to participate in the marathon.Sanjeev (Sameer Dattani) is a talented footballer, from Goa, who wants to be regarded as the greatest footballer of the country.One day, Sanjeev is diagnosed with a critical condition, due to which he has to get his leg amputated.As he loses his loved sport and even the love of his life, who dumps him, Sanjeev gets shattered.

However, he has never known how to give up and gets himself ready forthe marathon , to reclaim his lost courage, glory and spirit.Sameer (Prashant Chainani) is a Casanova, for whom no girl is unattainable.As he falls in love, for the first time, with Divya, his Casanova image comes to haunt him.He joinsthe marathon to prove his love for Divya and gain her confidence.As these five individuals run, for their dreams, their love and their self esteem, the 42 km become a journey within itself.

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