Aao Wish Karein (2009) *HQ*

Understandably, this one’s BIG for Aftab Shivdasani.He turns producer with Aao Wish Karein.Now that may be a step in the right direction, but the end product doesn’t turn out to be a fairy tale debut for the daring actor.And that’s because the film fails to decide its core audience.Is it a kiddie’s flick or is it meant for the bada log?

Cast: Aftab Shivdasani, Aamna Sharif, Johnny Lever

If so, there’s too much of the baba log in the film (the children’s track is too long) and too little of the adult stuff (like, how does a 12-turned-21 handle his hormones).This makes the film waddle in no-man’s land.

Set in a picturesque hill town, the story tries to unravel the complications in a young boy’s life when he grows up overnight into an adult (Aftab Shivdasani) and can actually serenade the woman (Aamna Sharif) he loves. So he sings songs with her, treats her to fries and burgers, gifts her a dinky car, invites her to share his playstation and welcomes her in Spiderman slippers. The girl, simple hill lass, can’t tell something’s amiss and simply thinks he’s cute. She even cajoles him into marriage and waits for him at the altar, veil et al. Will the kid-cum-adult groom oblige?

Now that’s a Big question…Obviously inspired by Tom Hanks 1988 classic (Big) that was nominated for two Oscars, the film lacks all the masala that made Penny Marshal’s film such a winsome experience. Also, the romance between Aftab and Aamna is quite thanda. Thoda aur wish karein? Director Glen Baretto who had earlier co-directed Aftab starrer Jaane Hoga Kya does a fair job in here. He has succeeded in giving the film a very soft romantic feel within a fairy tale setting. The music of the film credited to three music directors – Ankur Tewary, Xulfi and Mickey McCleary is a pleasant surprise.The best number of the lot being Ankur Tewary’s Sabse Peeche Khade which was incidentally, seen earlier in Let’s Enjoy.The choreography by Longine Fernandes of Slumdog Millionaire fame is very imaginative.

Aao Wish Karein is a cute clean romantic film but lack of imaginative writing towards the climax brings the graph down a bit. However, it makes for a decent watch.

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