Army (1996)

Arjun and Geeta are a young couple, who are deeply in love with each other.They get married, and soon are proud parents. Arjun gets in the bad books of a notorious gangster named Nagraj, and is brutally killed.When Geeta finds out she decides to avenge Arjun’s death.When Nagraj finds out that Geeta is out for vengeance, he scoffs at her, refusing to believe that a lone defenseless widow can do him any harm.But Nagraj is in for a surprise when he comes face to face with Geeta and a group of young men who are dedicated to bring him down – even if they die trying.

Cast: Shahrukh Khan, Sridevi, Harish

Too bad that Shah Rukh Khan’s role was so small in this movie. The scenes with him and Sridevi are just too funny. You do get a shock of seeing him with a moustache but thank god he will get rid of that soon. He was so funny and Sridevi is just amazing. But his part in the movie is too short. After his part these 4 losers come along, and the whole movie line changes, and these 4 guys all look alike, with leather pants and jackets, as if they are about to go to a Fonzie reunion! The villain is too unreal, He is a too strict looking guy. Anyway it was just not my cup of tea, Go see it if you are a Shah Rukh Khan or Sridevi fan like me, cause you need to see his part, and sit the movie through cause he has another short part somewhere in the middle of the movie.

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