Do Knot Disturb (2009) *HQ*

When David Dhawan directs Govinda in a slapstick comedy, you don’t need to be told to keep the brains at home.Because if you go looking for sense from the duo’s comedies, the joke is on you, pal.However, the least one expects from Do Knot Disturb is some freshness, some novelty.But there’s none to be had.

Cast: Govinda, Sushmita Sen, Riteish Deshmukh, Lara Dutta

Dhawan not just recycles the gags but also lifts various subplots from his previous films (like Biwi No. 1, Kyonki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta & others) and strings them together to form a collage of silly, slapstick comedy with some funny oneliners squeezed in the edges.

Govinda plays a rich husband married to Sushmita who owns the Saxena Group of industries.On the sly he has been having an affair with Dolly (Lara) an item queen who has dumped her ex (Sohail Khan) for greener pastures.Govinda’s kicked out butler Nandu (Rajpal) in an attempt to get back at him clicks a photo of him with Dolly and sends it to his wife.When she confronts Govinda over it he manages to escape out of the tricky situation by claiming a passerby who appears unintentionally closer to Dolly in the picture as her boyfriend.

Knowing well that she won’t stop at this and try to find out the truth behind it, he starts hunting for the passerby who turns out to be a waiter, Goverdhan (Ritesh).Govinda lures him into playing Dolly’s boyfriend for sometime till his wife gets convinced about it.But at the same time, she proves smarter by hiring a private detective friend Nunnu (Shorey) to catch them red handed.Add to that Dolly’s hot headed ex desperately wanting to thrash her new boyfriend and win her bback What follows next is total chaos!

The film recreates the laughs and is a typical product from the house of David Dhawan, but it lacks that extra bite, a quality which would have made it a superb comedy.On the face of it, ‘Do Knot Disturb’ is enjoyable in most parts but the punch seems to be missing from the movie.Somehow the humour or the situations are not crazy and mad enough as one would have loved to expect.

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