Chupke Se (2003)

Megha Timghure, a plain-looking middle-class girl, lives with her mom, Laxmi, and dad, who is employed as an an Income Tax Officer.Her desire is to become a model and a beauty queen.At a party, she is mis-introduced as Sarika Verma, and meets with two eligible young men, Rizwan, and Varun Arya.She expresses desire in becoming a model and is referred to Almera Kochar, who has a reputation of bringing out the best in every model, and making them beauty queens.

Cast: Zulfi Sayed, Masumi Makhija, Rati Agnihotri

Almera meets with Sarika, and accepts her as a student, and makes her sign a contract.What Sarika does not know that she has now become a pawn in a devious plot concocted to protect millions gained by black marketing.

From the budget and the cast, I had low expectations. However, I was “pleasantly surprised.” This film is a simple story with no melodrama, songs shot in Europe, or any thought-provoking message. It’s a cute comedy. The confusion with Sarika is amusing and Almira Kocher’s character is something to laugh at. Om Puri and his dumb gang make a spoof on Bollywood dons. Stupid yet funny events occur throughout the movie such as a bunch of celebrities attending a don’s party in a dilapidated shack. This movie is no masterpiece, but it’s a fun flick to watch on some random day. The song “Kehte Kehte” is fabulous.

Video Source: DVD
Host: Rajshri
Chapters: 1

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