Jadu Tona (1977)

A man and his two daughters leave Mumbai to go visit the grandparents in an ancestral village, and on the edge of town, a man, Billu, tells them they must pay respect to the banyan tree at the edge of town. Of course, dad scoffs at this superstition, and you know this was probably a mistake when you see a black cat in the tree, hissing menacingly.

Cast: Feroz Khan, Reena Roy, Ashok Kumar

The youngest daughter, Harshu, goes off to play in the fields, sings a nice little song & ends up following a butterfly into an old mansion of sorts, and speaking of menacing, has this child never learned fear? You’d think a child would not wander into such a place but of course she does, otherwise we’d have no film. Inside, she finds an old man, who asks her to bring his medicine, and when she opens the top to the bottle, a puff of smoke comes out & suddenly Harshu is having a rather bad experience, and seeing horrible Halloween-masked skeletons & such, not to mention bouncing up and down on the floor…like someone named Regan in another film.

But then, Harshu is found outdoors by a tree, and taken back to her grandparents. But they know, something is wrong, and they call a doctor to examine her. He seems to find nothing wrong but her grandmother gives her an amulet tied around her arm for protection. Which seems to work rather well, as long as it’s not taken OFF. Which it often is.Of course, Harshu’s father doesn’t believe in superstition or possession, so he’s having her see a psychiatrist, who believes the problem is in Harshu’s brain. And Dr. Kailash also seems to be getting rather close to Varsha (Reena Roy), Harshu’s big sister.

Now, Harshu, having been possessed by the soul of a wronged man, one Pannalal (who was killed for his money by three business partners), is still not quite right, and it seems that dad & big sister have lost track of her a couple times.

Video Source: DVD
Host: Youtube
Chapters: 14

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