De Dana Dan (2009) *HQ*

Hats and caps off to Priyadarshan. Just when we thought that comedy – stifled in Bollywood by the silly slapstick we’re served in the name of humour – is dead, shrouded, coffined and buried, Priyadarshan the saviour strikes form and resurrects it in his latest screwball sit-com De Dana Dan.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty, Katrina Kaif, Paresh Rawal

Unlike the rib-ticklers that are solely propped on the charm of either Akshay Kumar or Paresh Rawal, in ‘De Dana Dan’, the script and story is the hero.It’s a comedy of errors based on mistaken identities in a mad melee of oddball characters that cross paths inside a hotel in Singapore.The cobweb of confusion is created with such craft that gags keep flying and whizzing by endlessly – left, right, up, down…de dana dan! And you come out of the theatre with every cell of your body giggling with joy.

Nitin Bankar (Akshay Kumar) is a driver under debt and Ram Mishra (Sunil Shetty) is a courier boy who hasn’t delivered much in life.Though both have already assigned girlfriends (Katrina, Sameera) for them, the film still takes too long to come to point.Money is the need of the hour and so Priyadarshan does some hera pheri in the story – which means a kidnap.Just this time the duo kidnaps a canine and you wonder if the film is going to the dogs.As you try to keep a count on the ever-increasing character artists, the entire cast checks-in a five star hotel. Soon the story takes the shape of the 1992 Hollywood flick ‘ Blame it on the Bellboy ’ which was remade in Bollywood just a year ago as ‘ One Two Three ’ (and also starred Sunil Shetty and Sameera Reddy).A comedy of errors ensues with characters doing Bhagam Bhag throughout the hotel.

DE DANA DAN is atypical Priyadarshan film that has the unmistakable stamp all over it.But, at the same time, DE DANA DAN is erratic and uneven – energetic at times, lethargic at places.Also, the culmination to the film is very similar to the director’s earlier works, with the entire cast running helter-skelter.

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