Marega Salaa (2009) *MQ*

Produced by Hema Handa and Directed by Devang Dholakia, Marega Salaa movie is based on a game of life and death.A cop, a seductress, a starlet, and a director get caught up in a story peppered with love, deceit, and seduction.Just as there are winners, there are also losers in this game. And while some live to play it again, others bite the dust.

Cast: Jimmy Shergill, Hrishita Bhatt, Kim Sharma

The movie Marega Saala is the story of two friends.They have got all the things in their life. Unexpectedly, a woman comes in their life and they fall in love. After that, a game of love starts.One of the friend was killed and the movie takes a new turn.The famous two lines are repeated in the movie “Ye Khel Tumhara tha, sirf khel mein raha tha”, and “Sari fasad ki jad ye Aurat hoti hai”.

Afterwards other two beautiful ladies enter in the story.The movie starts with the five people who make the net of love. The movie is based on death and life so no one knows who is winner of life.It is action cum murder mysterious movie. I am sure that this movie will be liked by all.

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Watch Online (Dailymotion)
Watch Online (Dailymotion)
Watch Online (Dailymotion)

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