Awaaz (1984)

Jayant is an advocate, and practices law in the Bombay High Court. He lives with his wife, Anu, and a sister named Priya. His paths cross with his Police Inspector friend, Amit Gupta, who feels that lawyers like Jayant should be more responsible when they defend known criminals, who are repeat offenders. But Jayant only knows that he does his job well – which is to defend his client to the best of his ability.

Cast: Rajesh Khanna, Jayaprada, Beena

Then Amit gets killed in the line of duty, and his death is ruled as an accident. Amit’s younger brother, Vijay, now joins the Police Force, and is assigned the task of finding out whether Amit’s death was accidental or otherwise. Vijay finds out that his brother’s death was a well-planned execution by underworld gangsters, and arrests the son of Mulchand Malhotra. Then a few days later, Jayant’s wife and sister are brutally raped, and his traumatized wife passes away. Jayant has vowed to find the assailants, but before he could attempt anything his daughter, Nandita, is kidnapped.

The kidnappers want Jayant to represent Mulchand’s son, and get him acquitted. Jayant does an excellent job, and gets his client out on bail. What Jayant does not know that his client is the one who had raped his wife and sister, and when Jayant does find out – what can he possibly do – with his daughter still under the control of her kidnappers.

A good movie, however its end was abrupt and without much anticipated action. Super Star Rajesh Khanna does his role with perfection and is ably supported by Jayaprada, Rakesh Roshan, Amrish Puri, Prem Chopra and Madan Puri. The music of R D Burman is good and some songs are catchy. However,it misses the softness which were there in Rajesh- Shakti movies. The movie was an average success as the movie has an abrupt end and similar type of movies were released earlier. However, it is a must see for Rajesh Khanna fans.

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