Haqeeqat (1985)

Inspector Arjun Singh, meritorious and honest, is assigned the duty of Inspector-In-Charge of a police station in a community that is rife with crime.Arjun soon brings law and order to this region, which bring him in the bad books of local politician Azghar Pandey, the Superitendent of Police, Surajpal Singh, and various other powerful and influential people. Arjun meets with Bharti, a woman forced into prostitution, and both get married.

Cast: Jeetendra, Raj Babbar, Jayapradha

Then the forces of oppression owned and controlled by Azghar take over, Arjun is severelly beaten and is taken to a hospital that is governed by former convicted killer, Dr. Mathur, who is known for killing more patients than for curing them, and it is here that Arjun and the community will be put to test whether the truth and justice win or if harsh reality is death to the good people.

I watched this movie in 1988 and i loved it.in all my 30 years of followership of Hindi movies, it’s the first film that an Indian star will go fully martial. it’s another plus for jeetu as a trend setter in bollywood. he did a good justice to that climax scene where he confronted those bad guys working for prem chopra – he fought like he had never fought before. that fight scene lasted for about 5 minutes; and jeetu thrilled me unbelievably. i can’t imagine how long it would have taken him to train and perfect those martial art techniques and thrills. He always gave his best in his films. as a matter of fact, jeetu has over the years convinced me as the best in fight scenes in Hindi movie world. he displays the intrigues of the king of action films. i later got the hint that the film did not achieve a box office success. however, jeetu and jaya prada did creditably well in their roles. jeetu is wonderful as ever.

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