Idiot Box (2010) *HQ*

Subhrojeet Chakraborty (Sushant Singh) is given the assignment of enhancing the T.R.P of a T.V. serial consisting of 52 episodes by the Queen of Indian Television Ms. Anekta Kapoor (Jyoti Gauba). By watching the earlier episodes of the serial to incorporate a new track, he finds himself in a jam, since all the necessary tracks of saas- bahu saga, extramarital affairs, dead man coming back, twenty year leap etc. etc. have already been used several times by Anekta.

Cast: Surendra Pal, Sushant Singh, Hrishita Bhatt

He is completely plank for new ideas, when he meets a bunch of people around him. T.V Mirchandani (Upasna Singh), an avid television viewer, Karuna Sindhu Jagatpati (Surendra Pal), an ex-forest officer & now the secretary of the building in which he live, and of course Sumana Roy Chowdhury (Hrishita Bhatt) someone who hates everything related to T.V. She becomes the girl of his dreams. Success will give Subhrojeet a secure job in Anekta’s company Lalaji Telefilms with a hefty pay package and failure will send him back to his home town Kolkata. What will Subhrojeet do..? How he finishes the episodes going through unexpected situations is what the story is all about…

Idiot Box movie is based on a guy who loves his beloved and a got a job in a Television company. He has to prove himself by enhancing TRP but it is not very easy. The movie introduces the reality of entertainment world just like Rann movie.There is already a Hollywood movie with the same name – Idiot Box (1996). Now, the Bollywood movie – Idiot Box has taken the same name with a new concept to explore the ideas about recent entertainment world.

The movie has taken the 2nd world of 3 Idiots movie also. Idiot Box is a low-budgeted Hindi movie which releases on the same date of Lahore movie in Indian cinemas.

Video Source: DVD
Host: Dailymotion
Chapters: 8

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5
part 6
part 7
part 8

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