Ahista Ahista (2006) *UPDATED*

Soha Ali Khan - in Ahista AhistaIts time to take break from disco, emotional sagas with gigantic stars, skinflicks and popcorn zero logic comedies. Here comes a real cinema, which is neither art house production nor lavish mega budget Chopras & Johars dream projects. Ahista Ahista follows same path as Hrishikesh & Basu Da’s cinema. The true cinema starying away from all superficial elements – skinshow, loudness, starpower and foreign locales.

Cast: Abhay Deol, Soha Ali Khan

Review: musicnmovies.info

For a fee of Rs.200/- Ankush Ramdev provides four witnesses to couples who come to register their marriages at the Registrar of Marriages in Dariyaganj, Delhi.One day he comes across a single woman from Nainital and offers his services, but the girl tells him that she is waiting for her to-be groom, Dheeraj Ansaria.At the end of the day, when he does not show up, Ankush feels sorry for her, Megha Joshi, and offers to assist her until he gets back.They spend the night at a Dargah, and then go to wait for Dheeraj, who does not show.A penniless and tearful Megha now asks Ankush to help, he helps her again, and falls in love with her, so much so that he considers learning English and re-locating to Bombay.Then he comes across a young man, who later identifies himself as Dheeraj, who is desperately looking for his bride-to-be.Watch what Ankush does or does not do to assist Dheeraj.

The more I see of Abhay the more I like this young man.In this second film he is quite good as the for hire witness who is given a purpose in life by a beautiful woman.Soha looks beautiful, and when she smiles she fits the role, but I found her unconvincing in the more serious moments.I am not quite sure that she has it in her to be a great actress, or maybe she will blossom late like the brother.The music by Himesh Reshammiya is not that great and in fact the movie falters at the songs, they kind of interrupt the narrative and do not sit well with the characters trying to sing them.The supporting cast is excellent and I give this White Nights adaptation a thumbs up. BTW – the fact that I love Abhay Deol’s cute dimples has NOTHING to do with my rating.

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Chapters: 5

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