Dil Maange More (2004)

Candyfloss Romantic Comedy

Dil Maange More’ is a lighthearted comedy with some foot-tapping numbers, and a slightly predictable end. At least it does not pretend to be anything else. The movie, Dil Maange More, will roughly remind you of the black-n-white Dev Anand-starrer Teen Deviyaan.

Cast: Shahid Kapur, Soha Ali Khan, Ayesha Takia

Dil Maange More tells the story of a young lad Nikhil (Shahid) who is smitten with angelic Neha (Soha). All seems hunky-dory for the easy-going Nikhil until Neha decides to leave her village Samarpur and goes to Mumbai to become an airhostess. Like a true lover, Nikhil follows her to Mumbai.

In Mumbai, Nikhil takes a job at a music store where he falls for another girl, his colleague Sarah (Tulip Joshi). But there is still some space for more love in Nikhil’s heart. Soon he meets his beautiful neighbor Shagun (Ayesha Takia) and is enamored with her too.

Love stories get tangled as Nikhil is torn between three girls. Finally, he decides to straighten up and commit to one girl only.

Who will she be?

Shahid Kapur reminds of Shah Rukh Khan when he acts and Shammi Kapoor when he dances, while Soha Khan will catch your attention because of her striking facial resemblance to her esteemed mother Sharmila Tagore. Tulip Joshi is okay. Ayesha Takia has done a decent job and also has the meatiest role.

A great movie, very colourful and joyful. Entertaining most of the runtime, very good acting from the head characters especially. Dil Maange More” isn’t great cinema. But it’s funny, sassy, sweet, tender and intelligent. That’s a lot more than what we get in most cheesy love stories

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Chapters: 5

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part 2
part 3
part 4
part 5

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