Bobby (1973)

Love Story, a Hollywood film based on a popular bestseller, seared the audience who went back to the theatres again and again to see the young Ryan O’ Neal and Aly Mcgraw enact a passionate love story. Love Story was not only a super hit in Hollywood, it became a big hit in India also. The youth loved the film. Raj Kapoor accepted the fact that the time had come to address himself to the new young generation of cine-goers, the youth audience of the country.

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia, Prem Nath

Embellished with Hum Tum Yek Kamare Mein Bandh Ho…, Mein Shayar Toh Nahin, Magar … and many more popular songs. A must see RK Films Classic.

Bobby is a love story of today. It is the story of an eighteen years old boy who had just passed his senior Cambridge examination. The only son of rich respectable parents who were too busy to bother about him, he found love, solace and comfort in the company of a sixteen years old school girl.

Out of their love for each other arose many problems. There was disparity of class, age, attitudes and generation gap. How could the two innocent teenagers face this problem when they felt that they were two youngsters on their own with the whole world against them? The manner in which they dealt with the situation that lovers of every generation have faced in one way or the other provides for the story of Bobby.

It is interesting to note that one of the most impressive candidates whose stills were given to Raj Kapoor at this time was a young and bright-eyed girl named Neetu Singh, who had visited R K Studios with her mother for the role. She did not get it, of course. It was in her destiny not to become Raj Kapoor’s new find for Bobby, but to become Raj Kapoor’s daughter-in-law.

Bobby gave birth to a star in Dimple Kapadia. Her screen test for Bobby was taken at R K Studios in June 1971. She was only fourteen years old at the time. One or two very close associates of Raj who were on the sets of Bobby asked Chunibhai “Under whom has your daughter taken acting lessons?” Chunibhai replied: “Her first acting-lesson was just now. Under Raj Kapoor!”

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