The Great Indian Butterfly (2010) *MQ*

Sanjay Gupta Art House pursuit of the great Indian happiness, peace is more theatrical, talkative and less cinematic. The idea of portraying the caustic wit of confused and troubled relationships witness in urban couples could have been used as a brute force the reason why we search for the butterfly but first time writer director Sarthak Dasgupta’s theaterish TV type approach softens the edge of the movie.

Cast: Aamir Bashir, Sandhya Mridul, Koel Puri

Krish (Aamir Bashir) and Meera (Sandhya Mridul), a young couple, go in search of a legendary magical insect – The Great Indian Butterfly. Last seen by an unknown Portuguese explorer, in a remote valley located in Goa, the butterfly possesses a magical aura, granting immense happiness, peace, love and luck to the person who catches it.Will Krish and Meera find the elusive and mystical Butterfly? Can they survive the journey?

t’s honest, at least asks questions and has its heart at the right place. The actors Aamir Bashir and Sandhya Mridul do excellent job. But Sandhya shines much brighter, her anguish, willingness to make things work out between her and Aamir, is brilliantly portrayed by the actress. Koel Puri chips in with valuable support. Well shot and finely written, the argument scenes between Sandhya and Aamir being its major highlight.

A couple on a vacation fighting, arguing during the journey, with flashbacks fine but what next. The movie drags after some time. The women characters are not well defined. Sandhya knows Aamir is cheating her, what sort of relationship does Koel-Aamir share. Is it lust, love what not explained? What went wrong between Sandhya Aamir? No answers. It’s an English film which restricts its reach. The concept of the Indian butterfly is not popular.

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