Aap Ki Khatir (2006)

AAP KI KHATIR rests on a thin plot. Fine, that can be overlooked. But the director should camouflage the deficiency with an arresting screenplay. The sequence of events should have the power to keep you focused to the screen for the next two hours. Dharmesh establishes the plot well. The ‘deal’ between Priyanka and Akshaye brings a smile on your face and keeps you in good spirits all through the first half.

Cast: Akshaye Khanna, Priyanka Chopra, Ameesha Patel

Jane Austen comes to Lokhandwala in this strange, sporadically interesting take on the quirky ways of the heart. Trouble is, old-fashioned racounteur Dharmesh Darshan doesn’t know which way to take his giddy plot…Austen’s austerely satirical territory or the brassy full-on hardcore drama that cyclically emanates from North Mumbai.

Footage stuck midway out of the door Aap Ki Khatir is like that trendy joke which you want to smile at because your favourite bua tells it with a lot of gusto. Sure, the film fakes the vivacity with much gusto. But at the end of one wedding, half a dozen songs and no funeral(not counting the poor distributors) you are left wondering…whose laugh is it anyway?

The film starts with Anu, a London based NRI spiritedly boarding a plane to destination love. The guise is to attend her stepsister Shirani’s wedding to Kunal. But the truth is that Anu wants to hook her elusive dream man Danny forever.

In a plan to make Danny jealous, Anu convinces her colleague Aman, who’s also a male escort, to accompany her to the wedding as her new beau. Anu and Aman reach their destination soon enough, but Anu’s mission is far from being accomplished. For things are more complicated more ambiguous than they seem.

Amidst the pomp and splendour of Shirani’s wedding, dark secrets, questionable happenings and entwined relationships reveal themselves, leading to a web, which must be entangled as soon as possible. For it involves the lives of Anu, Aman, Shirani, Danny and Kunal in more ways than one. Little do they know that at the end of it, their perceptions will be altered forever. Their definition of love will change forever.

As time passes by, Aman finds Anu fascinating and later it develops into a fondness between the two. How Anu and Aman’s relationship undergoes a change during the course of these incidents forms the crux of the story.

Will Anu be able to find her true love in Danny or Aman? And does Shirani marry Kunal happily?

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