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Actor Parmeet Sethi turns director with Yashraj’s ‘Badmaash Company’ and makes quite a confident debut. He gets most things right beginning with a decent story in place, a screenplay that moves well and a competent cast. And to top it, he also manages to engage his audience. What more can one ask for from a debutant?

Cast: Shahid Kapur, Anushka Sharma

‘Badmaash Company’ takes its inspiration from the get rich overnight mentality, which many term as the malaise of our hedonistic age. The protagonists commit all kinds of con jobs and manage to become multi millionaires, living the high life in the US. But the spiritual rot that has settled in takes its toll and they have to pay back for their overarching ambition. In this dizzy ride to the top, relationships and friendship take a toll and then comes the downfall. But this film is also about resurrection, as the nobility in man also rises to the surface and vindicates himself.

This, of course, is the rough inward plot movement of ‘Badmaash Company’. But Sethi touches on this briefly as his film is concerned mainly with the dizzy ride to the top. He spends close to three fourths of his plot on this factor, while the remaining duration of the movie is occupied with the downfall and the resurrection of the protagonist. That probably is the only problem with the movie, and also the reason why it touches and moves one only in bits and pieces.

The first half of the movie has a lot of freshness and vitality about it, as the four protagonists are introduced; they go on their first trip to Bangkok as carriers and plan and execute the first heist of their ‘company’ to perfection.One just feels that his growing arrogance and ambition could have been introduced a little more insidiously into the plot, much earlier. That would have made it a little more probable and life like. Without a proper buildup, it feels more like the characters are overreacting and everything seems to be blown out of proportion.

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