Khushi (2002)

Khushi, a remake of the Tamil and Telugu films of the same name, is the love story of a girl, Khushi (Kareena Kapoor), and her college pal, Karan (Fardeen Khan). The novel part of this story is that there’s really no story – it’s just incidents that make the film. Khushi and Karan fall in love but have a fight one day when Khushi blames Karan of leching at her. The two part ways but are forced to interact with each other because they had taken it upon themselves to play Cupid between two college-mates.

Cast: Kareena, Fardeen, Amrish Puri

Khushi is a film providing multifarious pleasures, all pouring out in a tumble of chic designs and svelte storytelling devices.

But hold on. Storytelling isn’t the word to describe where Hindi-debutant S J Suryah takes us in this dulcet joyride. If you’ll look for a story in Khushi you’ll end up scratching your head, and while doing so you could possible miss some of the devious give-and-take of bubbling banter between the egoistic couple Karan (Fardeen Khan) and Khushi (Kareena Kapoor).

“What’s this ego?” Khushi’s bucolic father (Amrish Puri) asks when Karan unwittingly offers his future father-in-law a lift .

Good question. Khushi is about the male and female ego. And since an ego is as undefinable as Kareena’s charisma, the film too leaves us perplexed for a definition. It’s also a film about a woman’s navel and what havoc it could create when left exposed to the male gaze.

With such a thin storyline, there’s hardly any drama or movement in the film. What was needed in a film of this kind were moments – funny, heart-warming, sad, cute, touching etc. What also was the need of the drama was to show the assistance Khushi and Karan offer to get the two college-mates together and, in the process, how they fall in love over again. But unfortunately, the assistance they give is sought to be established mainly though dialogues and not through scenes. Resultantly, the audience feels no sympathy – neither towards Khushi and Karan nor towards their two pals.

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