Gunda (1998)

Wow!! no words can define this wonderful movie. Its direction, music, acting are perfect to the core. Be it its couplet laced dialogues or creative storyline or the mind-blowing performances by the greatest stalwarts of Bollywood (including Mithun Da)….. it is a movie worth infinite viewing. If you are fan of Mithun Da, then this is one movie which although didn’t stir the boxoffice would work as wonder for you.

Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Mohan Joshi, Shakti Kapoor

Every time you see it, you find a new meaning to the dialogues, a new dimension to the portrayal, a new perspective for research. Everyone who has watched the movie has felt an intellectual upliftment. Regarding the story, it revolves around a coolie (played brilliantly by the god Mithun himself) who fights for the sake of his honour. My favourite scene is when the second tier villain in the starting finds the corpse of his raped sister. The scene is so tragic that you will laugh until you have tears in your eyes…. (no hidden meanings n puns intended!!)

Undoubtedly, its the most crafted movie of all times. Kanti Shah and Mithun Da have outdone themselves once more. Enjoi!!

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