Kaal (2005)

Creaky doors are out. Rustles in the jungle are in. Like all capable spook sojourns, Kaal takes a bit of time to grow on you. But once you fall into the fearful rhythm, you are in for a rollicking scare.

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Vivek Oberoi, John Abraham

Two British Nationals are killed by a ferocious tiger in Orbit Park, India. This incident follows several other incidents, and many deaths result, prompting a National Geographic correspondent, Krish Thapar, and his sexy photographer, Riya, to take a trip to this park and ascertain what really happened. A group of youngsters, consisting of Dev Malhotra, Ishika, Bagga, and Vishal, on a thrill and hunting trip also arrive there in the hopes of sighting and shooting some big prey. Both Thapar and Malhotra groups meet with each other, and seek the guidance of a local called Kaali. What these folks do not know that they are the ones who have been singled out to be the prey – and soon they will find out that there is no escape from Kaal (death) – as it hunts them down one by one.

Kaal was supposed to be the best film of the year before its release. But, as usual bollywood has produced yet another Hollywood style (read copy) time waster. The macho men like Ajay Devagan and Vivek Oberoi also could not save the disaster.Some sequences clearly are copied from “Final Destination” and Taran Adarsh of Indiafm says these scenes are the best. I seriously don’t understand how come he became a film critic. Tasteless cheap idiot.The promos gave much hype to the movie with tigers and all the stuff. Clearly Soham concentrated more on the promos than the original film. Esha and Lara prove to be a waste. To be frank I don’t find a single positive point about the movie except the marketing and pre release promotion.

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Watch Online (Dailymotion)

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