Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamana (2007)

The premise — borrowed from the popular TV series SEX AND THE CITY — can easily be redesigned into an interesting cinematic experience. Sure, KUDIYON KA HAI ZAMAANA boasts of some entertaining moments.

One things is for sure. Rekha is still Young !

Cast: Ashmit Patel, Rekha, Kim Sharma, Mahima Chaudhary

KUDIYON KA HAI ZAMAANA revolves around four friends — Mayuri [Rekha], Natasha [Vasundhara Das], Kanika [Kim Sharma] and Anjali [Mahima Chaudhary]. Even though they aren’t of the same age, they have grown to be the best of friends. They keep meeting at a beauty salon where they go to pamper themselves. In between the facials, manicures and pedicures, they have become the best of friends.

Anjali is the cause of much envy for the remaining three. Carefree and fancy-free, Anjali dates men all the time and has a lot of fun. Another habit of Anjali that really annoys her friends is that she always bets with them, on almost anything and everything under the sun. And she always wins! The three want to beat her just once.

Anjali had once bet that she would never marry till she’s 25 and so Mayuri, Natasha and Kanika decide to find a man for her and win this one bet. But things go topsy-turvy when each of them decide to outdo the other and find a man for Anjali. Meanwhile, Anjali meets Amar [Ashmit Patel] and falls in love with him.

Anjali now has not one, two but four men wooing her. A dramatic confrontation tears the friends apart when Anjali realizes the game plan.

Video Source: DVD
Host: Dailymotion
Chapters: 4

part 1
part 2
part 3
part 4

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