Gharwali Baharwali (1998)

Yet another zero logic David Dhawan comedy dealing with extra-maritial affair. Though the subject seems to be of crucial, David Dhawan handles the subject in a meaningless haywire style as he is always known for. Various surprises erupts as the movie progresses and ulitimately ends in a whole chaos.

Cast: Anil Kapoor, Rambha, Raveena Tandon, Kader Khan, Satish Kaushik

Half of the movie has been filmed in Nepal and has wondeful locations from Nepal.

Kajal, her husband Arun, and Arun’s father live together and Arun’s father wants Kajal and Arun to have kids but Kajal can’t conceive. Arun’s father keeps on telling him to find another wife but Arun doesn’t want to. Arun goes to Nepal with his brother Jumbo and Arun rescues Manisha’s goat. According to local custom, whoever rescues a Nepalese girl’s goat must marry her.

Arun returns home to Kajal and Arun’s father changes his mind about Arun getting another wife and Arun feels really bad. A few months later he finds out that Manisha is having a baby. She comes to meet Arun and she has her baby and gives it to Kajal and Arun without Kajal and Arun’s father knowing that the baby is Arun and Manisha’s.

A few years later Arun’s father finds out about Manisha.

How does he react?

Does he tell Kajal?

Watch Gharwali Baharwali to find out.

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