Kuwara (2000)

Laughter Package

One of chichis timeless and meaningless comedy. It has all the elements for this to be a funnyish film. Great Locales (New Zealand), ample dose of slapstick laugh a riot. It has elements of comedy of errors and a bit of a family drama, something on the lines of Hero No 1, an earlier effort of David Dhawan and Govinda.

Cast: Govinda, Urmila, Johny Lever

The movie begins with Urmila (Urmila Matondkar) going to New Zealand to teach a lesson to Raju (Govinda) a flirting Romeo who has jilted her dear friend. Raju is a fun-loving and kind-hearted young man who believes in enjoying life to the hilt. After knowing Urmila’s intentions, very cleverly, he swaps roles with his favorite sidekick Gopal (Johny Lever), who ultimately bears the brunt of Urmi’s wrath. But all this only brings Urmi close to Raju and, as expected, love sprouts between them and comes to full bloom. And the lovebirds spend most of their time crooning and dancing on snow-clad mountains and squeaky-clean streets of New Zealand.

Now, back in India, Raju meets an ideal Bhartiya Nari Sharmila (Naghma), who is dejected from life as she is carrying somebody’s paap in her womb. Empathizing with her suffering the kind-hearted Raju decides to help her by impersonating as her husband. But by doing so he only puts his own foot in his mouth as he discovers that Sharmila is Urmi’s elder sister. Moreover, the girls’ father (Om Puri) doesn’t like Raju much and often practices his shooting skills on him. Now, amidst this hullabaloo of ricocheting bullets and the yammer of his nakli biwi, how Raju goes about winning the stewed Urmi’s love again is what ‘Kunwara’ is all about.

Govinda, as we know, doesn’t take much longer to strike a rapport with the frontbenchers with his slick performance. Urmila, on the other hand, besides looking fabulous, has been able to match Chi Chi’s comical histrionics. Om Puri is quite impressive in his role of a roaring gun wielding ‘sanaki’ father.

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