Qayamat (2003) *FIXED*

slick and stylish presentation

Inspired by the Hollywood flick ‘The Rock’, the film tells the story of a man who fights three dreaded terrorists who threaten to contaminate the Mumbai city’s drinking water sources with virus-tipped missiles.

Cast: Ajay Devgan, Sunil Shetty, Sanjay Kapoor, Arbaaz Khan, Isha Koppiker, Neha Dhupia (debut)

Ali and Abbas (Sanjay Kapoor & Arbaaz Khan) are brainy engineers cum arm dealers for the ISI. (Our desi villains finally get literate). Along with moll Laila (Isha), they have held 230 tourists as hostages on an island that was formerly a Jail. Virus tipped missiles are set to hit the city’s water resources if their demand for Rs 1500 crores and escape from India are not met with. Akram (Suniel Shetty), a CBI officer, puts down a plan of action.

He needs the help of one man. A convict – Rachit (Ajay Devgan), for he knows the underwater way to the island. The government has only 24 hours in which Rachit is summoned, given a trendy haircut plus a change of wardrobe, a plan is devised and a mission is set.

Although a remake of Hollywood movie, Qayamat still brings some freshness into Bollywood with issues such as biological or chemical weapons, missiles, viruses and other sci-fi jargons. The first half of the movie taps more on the romantic angle between Ajay Devgan and Neha Dhupia, while the second half is completely taken over by action.

Qayamat is rich in terms of technique. The film has been stylishly shot and has an international feel to it, besides it moves at an exciting pace in the latter reels. The action sequences have also been integrated and woven well in the script.

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