Waqt Hamara Hai (1993)

This fun, wacky action/romance/comedy movie from director Bharat Rungachary follows two adventurous friends, Vikas and Suniel ( Ashkay Kumar and Suniel Shetty), and their girlfriends Ayesha and Mamta ( Ayesha Jhulka and Mamta Kulkarni), who are all looking for nothing more than a good time–until, that is, they stumble onto a deadly terrorist plot.

Waqt Hamara Hai was runaway hit of 1993, the movie which began everlasting relationship bewteen Nadiadwala & (Akki & Sunil combo). This movie was can be considered as a complete bollywoodish movie with all the bollywood masala’s – action, comedy, romance and on the top melodrama.

One-time rival collegians, Vikas Sabkuchwala and Sunil, are now friends and in love with sisters Ayesha and Mamta Vidrohi, who they would like to marry. But their politician father wants a size-able dowry as well as well-placed sons-in-laws, and refuses to have to do anything with them.

The foursome get together and arrange the fake kidnapping of the sisters so as to extort a large sum of money from Vidrohi. Things go completely out of control and awry, when Vikas and Sunil find out that the kidnapping has taken place – not by them – but by notorious international terrorist and seemingly invincible Colonel Chikara.

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