Naya Daur (2007) *MQ*

Classic Naya Daur by B.R. Chopra is being re-released in color by his own son Ravi Chopra. He has taken an indication from K. Asif`s Mughal-E-Azam coloured version. The film has been digitally re-mastered.

Cast: DilipKumar, Vyjantimala, Ajit, Jeevan, Chand Usmani, Johnny Walker, Daisy Irani

If you have to re-establish the golden era of the Indian cinema, what else could be the best way than to re-release an all time classic like Naya Daur. And if this black n white film is beauty-personified with colour, it will breathe in a new life into this masterpiece.

One of the technical challenges is to see what the colour looks like. Since the film is black and white, you don’t know what the original colour is. But there is a software which tells you approximately what the colour could be. So we had to make those selections as to which would be the right colour and that took a lot of time. .

The whole idea of Naya Daur to re-release the movie in colour is to attract younger generation watch the movie. Ravi Chopra adds saying, “It took more than three years to change the format from black and white to colour. Now it has 5.1 stereophonic sounds and a digitally corrected print. We had no clue on the colour, so we had to work on colour”. Ravi Chopra also has planned to add colours to several other films and re-release them.

A must watch movie !

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