Bluff Master (2005)

Bluffmaster, new conmen is in town. He is smart, He is handsome & only noone has been able to catch-up with him.
BM stars Abhishek Bachchan alongside the vivacious Priyanka Chopra and the talented actor Ritesh Deshmukh. This film will bring together Abhishek and Ritesh for the second time after Ram Gopal Varma’s NAACH (which didn’t dance for a long time at the box-office and fainted) and also Abhishek and Priyanka for the first time ever.

Roy [Abhishek Bachchan] is a conman out of choice. The sole person he tries to be honest with is his girlfriend Simmi [Priyanka Chopra]. However, Roy hasn’t really had the courage to tell her the truth about himself. But when his past catches up with him, she cannot forgive him for the deceit their relationship is built on. She walks out on him.

Dittu [Ritesh Deshmukh] enters the picture here. He is the counterpoint to everything that Roy is — as frantic as Roy is calm, as dumb as Roy is smart, as messy and untidy as Roy is smooth. They have only one thing in common: Dittu is a conman too. At least he thinks of himself as one. In Roy’s book, he’s an embarrassment.

To take his mind off Simmi, Roy agrees to teach Dittu the rules of the game. But he soon realizes that he doesn’t have much time on hand: He has brain tumor. Suddenly, Roy, who prides himself on being able to cheat anyone and anything, is pushed into a corner from where there is no exit.

Roy is ready to take on his final ‘act’: To teach Chandru [Nana Patekar] the lesson of a lifetime. Chandru is a shady character who owns a hotel. Roy and Dittu embark on a new journey?

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