Jawani Diwani (2006)

Full of bikini-clad women swarming the setup and top Bollywood smoocher Emran Hashmi pegged as a self-proclaimed Serial Kisser (kudos to the producer for trying to sell Emran’s best quality as an actor) Jawani Diwani is a supposedly comic yarn with an apology for a screenplay, and lowers the bar for the genre to ground-level-juvenile.

Cast: Emraan Hashmi,Celina Jaitley,Hrishita Bhatt,Mahesh Manjrekar

David Dhawan meets Sawan Kumar in this comedy of marital errors. Running helter-skelter in search of libidinous liberation would have been amusing if the spoken lines had substance and the performances were more situational than sleazy. Unfortunately the dialogues aren’t even embarrassing.

Mann (Emraan Hashmi) is an aspiring singer with an obvious weakness for women. Mann wouldn’t mind manipulating someone or playing the game of love just to climb up the ladder to stardom.

After having been turned down by music companies, Mann comes across Radha (Hrishitaa Bhatt), daughter of the owner of a music company. Mann plays the dice. Radha is ensnared in the game of love. Song and dance follow and Mann’s ticket to fame is almost booked.

It’s time to celebrate. So Mann, along with his friends, heads off to the party-land, Goa. It is here Mann meets Roma (Celina Jaitley), a shapely, skimpily dressed girl with a sex appeal that can arouse any heterosexual man. Obviously, Mann falls for her and the two end up in bed, but not before some song n dance.

Now, the storywriters try to add a twist here. But as the movie progresses, it turns out to be a twist in no direction.

Chappu Bhai (Mahesh Manjrekar), an underworld don, makes an entry. After seeing Roma, the girl he admires, in bed with Mann, Chappubhai decides to get the two married.

Mann and Roma are made to marry. While Roma seems to approve of the wedlock, Mann finds himself caught in an unwanted relationship. He won’t trade his ticket to fame (read Radha) with any other girl, no matter how alluring.

So Roma cuts him loose. The two end their marriage with divorce. Mann goes back to Radha. He begins preparing for his first music album, and Radha prepares for marriage. This is when Roma comes back into Mann’s life. What happens next is as predictable as the sun setting every evening.

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Chapters: 12

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