Mumbai Salsa (2007) *HQ*

For guys, it’s never so easy getting laid and for you women getting marriage proposals is like buying ice from an Eskimo. At least thats what Manoj Tyagi’s Mumbai Salsa suggests. Following the trend of metro lifestyle movie like Page 3, and this year’s Life in a Metro, Mumbai Salsa too highlights latest urban culture of metro life.

Cast: Vir Das, Linda Arsenio, Manjari Phadnis, Indraneel Sengupta

Frankly, a film like MUMBAI SALSA isn’t everyone’s idea of entertainment. It attempts to portray the lives of eight friends in a metropolis [Mumbai] in the most realistic manner. At places, it works. At times, it doesn’t.

Mumbai Salsa journeys the lives of four men and women. The eight hang out in a night club called Mumbai Salsa and that is where two lost-in-love people Rajeev (Vir Das) and Maya meet (Manjari Fadnis). After a drunken one night stand, the two decide to date. But what happens when Rajeev gets a job in Singapore? The stories of their friends too are based on relationships. While one has a commitment problem, the other yearns to be loved. While one is completely traditional in thought of marriage the other is married.

Quite a bit of the screenplay is lifted from various episodes of the American Sitcom Friends which is clearly an influence from the writers point of view. In fact even the plot line can be easily fitted into the ten seasons of friends.

One good thing about the film is that it doesn’t drag. However, some of the double meaning jokes do not even generate a smirk on your face. The word khufia and khufiapanti which obviously suggests a Hindi foul word has been used to the maximum and gets really boring.

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