Sasural (1961) *Fixed*

Sasural has all the hallmarks of a L.V. Prasad production – a powerful story with a strong emotional thread, enough twists and turns in the plot, great performances and hit music. The film marked the beginning of a long and successful career for Shobha Khote as a comedienne.

Cast: Rajendra Kumar, Saroja Devi B., Mehmood

The film’s music scored by Shankar Jaikishen has some superb numbers such as “Ek Sawal Main Karu Ek Sawal Tum Karo”, “Jaana Tumhare Pyar Mein Shaitan Ban Gaya Hoon”, “Ye Albela Daur Na Dekha” and of course the unforgettable “Teri Pyari Pyari Sorat Ko” for which both Hasrat Jaipuri and Mohd. Rafi won Filmfare Awards.

Shekhar (Rajendra Kumar) falls in love and marries a rich girl Bela (Saroja Devi), the daughter of Thakur. Shekhar takes over the management of Thakur’s business. Meanwhile, Shekhar’s sister Gauri runs away from home to marry a crook Radhey Murari, who is the son of Thakur’s manager (Jeevan). Since the manager has designs of Thakur’s wealth, he creates a plan to discredit Shekhar.

A valuable necklace is stolen and though the servant is the culprit, Shekhar’s cousin Sita (Shobha Khote) and her husband Mahesh (Mehmood) are accused. One day at a dance performance, Shekhar spots his sister Gauri. Bela mistakes the brother-sister re-union as something else. Now made sole heiress by her father, Bela’s suspicions make her replace Shekhar with Radhey Murari as the estate manager.

Will Bela realize the truth?

Will Bela and Shekhar be re-united?

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