Strangers (2007) *HQ*

You do not want to leave your seat during intermission, fearing that you may miss an important link in the narration. And if you thought you had read the suspense, wait till director Anand L Rai executes the killer punch at the end, which leaves you absolutely flummoxed. Best thriller of the year…

Cast: Kay Kay Menon, Jimmy shregill, Nandana Sen ,Sonali Kulkarni

Two complete Strangers with different personality meet while traveling overnight, in a business class compartment in England. Sanjeev Rai (Menon), a successful businessman and Rahul (Sheirgill) a struggling writer begin telling each other their problems. While Rai’s wife (Sonali) is close to madness after losing her only son in an accident, thus making life for Rai difficult, Rahul’s wife (Nandana) is the one blamed for the breakdown of their marriage. Before the journey ends, they both decide to kill each others’ wives.

Director Anand L Rai has proved his excellence and competence. He succeeds in keeping the viewers engrossed throughout the movie by his stylish narration. He unveils the mystery layer by layer and with the use of black and white lights with close shots at appropriate scenes he manages to create the necessary impact and at times takes us by surprise.

The game has just begun! Kudos to Rai for engrossing the viewer with simple, stylish narration. Slowly, he unravels the mystery, layer by layer, taking the viewer by surprise. He makes excellent use of flashback to keep the viewer guessing. STRANGERS is an excellent narration of love, marriage, deceit, betrayal and murder.

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