What happens when an eighteen year old girl becomes the victim of a heinous rape and murder?What happens when her family, a widow mother, a twin sister and a six-year-old kid sister is left shattered by this unspeakable crime? What happens when there is a ruthless enemy, and a frightened but determined girl in search of justice? What happens when she finds unexpected love? What happens is the story of Dushman.

Cast: Kajol, Sanjay Dutt, Jas Arora

Gokul Pandit(Ashutosh Rana), is a postman who has an endless sexual appetite.He brutally rapes, and then murders his victims who turn out to be girls staying alone. One of his victims happens to be Sonia Saigal (Kajol No. 1), a brash, unruly and happy-go-lucky character, who he rapes within her house.

Naina (Kajol No. 2), Sonia’s twin sister and a constrasting character, is terrified by this, and begins a search filled with fears for the murderer.She does this against the will of her mother (Tanvi Azmi) as well as defies the ACP’s (Pramod Moutho) warning and ventures the dangerous task.

After running from pillar to post, she finds the criminal and accuses him in court.Unfortunately, her efforts are wasted due to Gokul’s girlfriend, who melts when Gokul promises her marriage; the law is helpless and leaves him free again.Naina feels aggitated and decides to punish Gokul herself, and while trying to do so, humiliates him by saving another going-to-be victim.Now Gokul becomes furious and decides to take revenge on Naina by promising that he will treat her in the same way as he treated her sister. He chases her around as if his only obsession in life is to kill her.

While trying to escape the vicious rapist, Naina crashes into an ex-army man Sooraj Singh (Sanjay Dutt), who was once a Major.He soon becomes her moral support, and helps her by training her in self-defence. He tells her that she is right in asking for justice, and that she has to fight for it alone. She should be totally independant.

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