Sunday (2008) *MQ*

Rohit Shetty after the tremendous success of the rib-tickling Golmaal is back with “Sunday” a murder mystery, at its heart.Around it revolves the humour – a healthy cocktail of situational comedy and plain slapstick. Add to it some stunts, action and romance.And voila, you have the recipe for a true-blue masala entertainer.That is what ‘Sunday’ is.

Cast: Ayesha Takia, Ajay Devgan, Arsad Warsi, Irfan Khan

The movie begins with a murder.The killer, his/her face unrevealed, dumps the girl’s dead body in a park.Then after the movie takes you to the world of Sehar(Ayesha Takia) a dubbing artist who suffers from short term memory loss and thus can’t remember minute things such as the road to her office etc.Sehar goes clubbing one Saturday night with close friend Ritu( Anjana Sukhani) and her life somehow intersects with various characters which ultimately connect to a murder.

In comes Inspector Rajveer(Ajay Devgan)- a corrupt cop who heads the investigation for obvious reasons that he has been sent by his mother to meet Sehar and eventually get married to her.But, the problem is that Sehar can’t remember things and all the help she can get is from her tape recorder that carries voices of Balu (Arshad Warsi)-a street smart cabbie and Kumar (Irrfan Khan) –a wannabe actor.Thus the journey begins to find the missing ‘Sunday’ from Sehar’s life.‘Sunday’ should be seen mainly for its comedy and suspense.As the missing links fall in place and the dots are connected, the mystery becomes more and more engrossing.But director Rohit Shetty commits hara-kiri in the end.

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