Kashmakash (1973)

Satish Gupta (Feroz Khan) lives with his wife and his sister Ritu (Asha Sachdev, I am fairly certain, although her name doesn’t appear in the credits—was she known as Seema early on?) who shyly tells him that she has met the man of her dreams.

Cast: Feroz Khan, Shatrughan Sinha, Rekha

Satish’s kashmakash is that his wife Seeta (Rekha) has gone off to visit her elderly mother, leaving him to eat bad food and to do without her, um, companionship. His friend Manmohan (Ramesh Deo) points out the blessings that arise for the mouse when the cat is away.

He takes his pouting dost off to a nightclub where we are all treated to a cabaret dance from Sapna (Padma Khanna), who hilariously wears a skirt decorated with the numbers 36 24 36 (although they’d be better placed on a dress, I think).

Sapna, while not unhappy precisely, has trouble herself in the form of a jealous ex-boyfriend named Johnny Paul (Ranjeet) who has just been released from jail, to her dismay. She tells Kanhai (he really does show up everywhere uninvited) that she is afraid he will kill her, and sure enough he is waiting in her dressing room.

Video Source: DVD
Host: Youtube
Chapters: 12

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part 2
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