One Two Three (2008) *MQ*

One Two Three a comedy thriller movie directed by Ashwani Dheer and produced by Kumar Mangat is a loosly plotted gimmick of three men with same names–Laxminarayan.They create and follow a pattern to make you laugh for couple of minutes and crib at other times.With strong characterization, witty dialogues and sound concept in fine pieces, acclaimed TV writer Ashwani Dheer has lost out to get the right elements of a tight script and diligent actors in place.

Cast: Sunil Shetty,Tusshar Kapoor, Paresh Rawal,Esha Deol, Sameera Reddy,

The movie starts when a loving unmarried couple Chandu and Chandni get a bag that has diamonds of value 10 crore rupees.The couple hides the bag into a old car in the showroom where they are working.The owner of the showroom, Laila wants to sell her old car to pay her debts and the couple does not want the car to be sold for the presence of diamonds in it.Henchmen Albert and Papa are searching for their missing diamonds that gets stolen.The first Laxmi Narayan tries to get the diamonds as his mother wants him to attempt a few murders and then get settles in the life.He reaches the Blue Diamond Hotel of Pondicherry to kill Papa.

The second Laxmi Narayan is a management graduate from Darjeeling and he does all he is asked by his boss.He also reaches the Blue Diamond Hotel of Pondicherry to get a car for his boss from Laila.The Laxminarayan three has set up a lingerie company for his son and he has to collect the samples of Lingerie from the same hotel in Pondicherry.The three Laxmi Narayans wait for their letters and messages and they get the others messages and even photographs to make them reach the wrong person but ultimately things get more in favor of all the people involved.

The first Laxmi Narayan gets the photographs of Jiyaa and he goes after her to kill her, the second Laxmi Narayan gets the photographs of Papa and he gets beaten up by him and the third gets the photographs of Laila.The confusion over the names create the comedy sequences.

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