Anamika (2008) *HQ*

If Alfred Hitchcock could hold the viewers spellbound with his 1940 classic REBECCA, it was because he wove the scenes together skillfully and kept the viewers on the edge of his seat, guessing until the last moment. After, Aksar and Aggar director Madhvan tries one more stint with Anamika.

Cast: Dino Morea, Minnisha, Koena Mitra

After a little wooing and cuddling, Vikram Sisodiya (Dino Morea) marries an escort Jia (Minissha Lamba). However, Vikram tells everything about his first wife Anamika, who is dead, to Jia. Anamika’s death is unexplained in this part of the story.

The onlookers of Gajner, Vikram’s hometown in Rajasthan are amazed by the presence of Jia. They are completely obsessed about Anamika, and that makes the newly wed Jia a little uncomfortable.

Vikram’s home is Gajner is looked by his childhood friend Koena Mitra (what a pity!), who gives puzzled expressions most of the times. Jia senses the ultimatum when she sees the spirit of Anamika in the palace. In the scheme of things, Anamika’s dead body is found with every proof pointing Vikram as the killer.

Is he the real killer ?

After making Aksar and Aggar, Madhvan comes with yet another murder myster stint – Anamika. Well, 70s Anamika was blockbuster, but we will have to wait to see what will be the fate of this mystery thriller with sleaze and snooze…

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