Jism (2002)

Jism:The Dark Side of Desire is a daring attempt by actress-turned-producer Pooja Bhatt and her father Mahesh Bhatt (who has written the film’s script) to defy the Bollywood stereotypes and give something new to movie buffs tired of watching the same clichéd stories on celluloid.The film, loosely based on 1944 Hollywood classic ‘Double Indemnity’, marks the directorial debut of Amit Saxena.

Cast: John Abraham, Bipasha Basu

Sonia is the lonely wife of travelling millionaire Rohit Khanna (Gulshan Grover).Kabir is a maverick lawyer who seems to have very little purpose in life as he guzzles rum by the gallons and laments whatever it is that ails his sorry existence (of course, we will never find out the exact cause of his boredom).When he spots Sonia yet again in a very backless black dress standing all by herself in the town’s hot spot, he falls straight for her sizzling jism.

The story crawls on as the Kabir-Sonia affair assumes steamier proportions and the director gets so wrapped up in their entanglements that he forgets about giving the proceedings a move on.Eventually, Sonia’s hubby comes back from wherever to his prized beauty and Kabir frets and fumes waiting around in the hope that he can reclaim Sonia’s jism sometime soon. He even keeps his shirt off at all times, perhaps in anticipation.

Post-interval, the pace accelerates as Kabir tells Sonia he is prepared to kill her husband if that is what he has to do to be with her.The plot is hatched and executed almost perfectly.The enormity of his blunder gradually dawns upon Kabir when his conscience wakes up.His DCP friend Siddharth (Vinay Pathak) starts asking him awkward questions.Rohit’s drunkard sister (Anahita Uberoi) arrives on the scene to claim her share of his estate and Kabir realises he is losing control of the situation.

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