Jodi No.1 (2001)

David Dhawan, the undisputed king of slapstick comedy, is back with yet another No 1 tag, Jodi No.1.The winsome pair of laugh riot Haseena Maan Jayegi, Govinda and Sanjay Dutt come together Jodi No.1 too.Light-eyed beauty Twinkle and newcomer Monica Bedi are the leading ladies.

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Govinda, Twinkle Khanna

Veeru (Govinda) and Jai (Sanjay Dutt) are two small time thieves who get by with their little scams until Jai accidentally kills a mobster’s brother.The mobster (Ashish Vidyarti), after their blood, forces the duo to flee Mumbai and they end up in Goa, Jai having taken on the identity of an NRI by stealing the NRI’s clothes and belongings on a train that the duo were travelling on.They ensconse themselves in the household of Rai Bahadur (Anupam Kher) posing as the NRI with the intention of robbing Rai Bahadur and running off with his money.

But it appears that Rai Bahadur has fallen on hard times and looks to the duo to get his factory up and running again.For this, the duo have to win a tender which Veeru manages to swing for Rai Bahadur with a preposterously awful presentation impressing all including Tina(Twinkle Khanna), an agent working on the tender.Love flutters its wings and we are subjected to the usual song and dance with a bulbous Govinda and haughty Tina adding colour if nothing else to the beautiful locations of Switzerland.

In the meantime, we have Rai Bahadur’s daughter Rinki (Monika Bedi) falling for Jai and we now have a happy foursome until the mobster catches up with the duo in Goa.The question is, will these small time crooks steal the moolah and do a runner or will they stay on and try to be decent people. More yawns.

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